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You Were Born To Succeed!

Why we’re here

To help you define what success is for you and discover the tools and techniques to make it happen.


The words defined:

Destiny: Your desired plan, life and future

100: Being fully committed, 100%

Institute: An organization or institution having a particular common factor or promoting a cause.

Thus, Destiny 100 Institute is a company fully committed to helping you realize your vision and implement your desired plans.

Julie’s story

  • Julie Skinner

“In elementary school, I invited kids who didn’t do well with math over to my house after school to help them, hoping they would excel and not feel embarrassed with wrong answers in class. In the winter of fourth grade, I asked my mother to make a sweater for Ada Marie who wore the same thin cotton dress on freezing cold days. I still remember her skinny little fingers, soft smile and distant look when she talked about “home”.
“The following summer, I wrote a little play for my friends in the neighborhood, gathered props and sold tickets door-to-door.”
In that same year, Julie discovered her artistic talent. She was also intrigued with science and discovery.
In other words, at an early age, she began helping others, was a teacher, an organizer, an artist and loved digging for answers. This is what she is still doing today.
“My dream is to help others,” says Julie. “It is so satisfying when people tell me their success stories or share the plans they are making. My passion is to impact lives in lasting ways. You could say that my dream is seeing others fulfill their dreams and achieve their defined success.
Julie likes to ask others, ‘Think back to elementary school, especially fourth and fifth grades. What special memories, interests and achievements stand out? Your answers often provide insights into what you were meant to do with your life.’”
She concludes, “I am still working on many things. I do not have it all together, nor have I achieved some of my own dreams. It keeps us going to have new things before us. Like you, I keep moving forward.”

The Destiny 100 Institute

In 2007, Julie began to develop programs to help people and companies fulfill their mission and live their dreams. From her reading and studies she discovered common elements to success which became The Seven Keys To Success.

Next, she looked for ways to make the learning experience more interesting, more effective and longer lasting. In her pursuit she discovered the concept of combining right brain and left brain activities in order to have more powerful results.  She also found that people need to be involved in the process, not just sit, listen and take notes.

Her research evolved into the Destiny 100 Institute programs, a unique blend of cognitive learning and art activities designed for to have fun while achieving a desired end.  The “River” or flow of the programs is to help companies and people get from where they are to where they want to be, all the while building worth and value – to companies and to people. Jump in, the water’s fine.


Longview College
Johnson County Community College
Seminars and coaching
Public school teacher
Life coach
Over fifteen years as a seminar developer and program manager
Oil painter with exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe
Syndicated columnist - inspirational messages to the business audience