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You Were Born To Succeed!

What’s your dream?Girl blowing dandelion in the green spring grass

It’s time to turn your dreams and desires into reality.

Having a dream or daydreaming is not enough.  A dream without action is only a wish.


Destiny Workshops and programs are designed to give you the tools and how-to’s that will help you fulfill your life goals – tools you can use the rest of your life.  Learn how to fulfill your dreams while making each day more productive and manageable.


The Destiny Experience

An amazing, hands-on experience where you:
- More clearly define your life-vision or desired outcome and make a plan to fulfill it
- Find out to get unstuck
- Discover the Seven Keys To Success and how to use them for the rest of your life
- Discover tips, techniques and tools for change that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Our MethodOur Method

It’s what sets us apart from other seminars and workshops.

Research shows that combining right brain (creative) and left brain (cognitive) activities produces greater results. Therefore, we’ve designed an unusual blend of cognitive learning and fun creative art activities to trigger fresh ideas and expand forward thinking in order to produce meaningful, desirable results. And, enjoy in the process.


Our Philosophy

The learning process and putting action to your plan should be enjoyable as well as productive. From your first exercise in the Pre-Workshop Exploration, you will discover more about yourself and where you want to go. You are jumping into “The River”, that is, the flow that helps you fulfill your desired vision and in the process, realize your immense worth and value. It’s like writing your own story and singing your own song.


The Destiny Experience has Three Phasescall_now

1. Step One

Pre-Workshop Exploration
You will:
- Discover personal talents and skills that make you unique, truly one of a kind
- Identify the bedrock values which guide your life – establishing that which does not change which helps you deal with change and growth
- Discover ways of celebrating daily accomplishments
- Recognize new ways of defining success
- Take a sneak-peak at the upcoming Destiny Workshop

2. The Destiny Workshop

An amazing all-day experience packed with hands-on activities to produce lasting results. Some of the modules:

- The Amazing You – Discovering you are more than you thought you were
- Facing Challenges – How to win again and again
- Getting Unstuck – Why you’re there. How to get out.
- The Hub – Your core values that define your future.
- The Seven Keys To Success – What they are and how to use them. Tools you can use the rest of your life.
- The Real Deal – Putting it all together in practical use.

3. Success Tracking

Continuing forward momentum and accomplishing your desired outcome